Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oneness and the Heart of the World

Father Thomas Keating talks about God's dynamic nature and the Divine Oneness of 'All That Is' in this wonderful inspirational video. He is wise, speaks from the heart and is sure to bring a smile. He says this about Oneness...

"We're (human beings) moving into Oneness. In other words a Oneness that we already have but at various levels of our being; and hence we're aware of the Oneness in different ways, and in different intensities, and in different levels and able to respond as our awareness of this presence keeps evolving. The presence keeps expanding and becoming more penetrating, more enveloping, more involved with each of our bodily, mental, physical and spiritual activities or capacities. So we're always experiencing this Oneness, but when does it become that, which is described as there being 'No other'? This is something that maybe we could talk about tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

That's really very advanced and has few (as far as we know about it from reports) people who actually experience it as a permanent state of awareness or consciousness. Who have become not only 'the Other', but are 'the Other' in a way. Now this doesn't in anyway deny the distinction between God and us which is infinite. It does deny the separation..."

Hope you enjoy watching the video and listening to his wisdom as much as I did.


The Global Oneness Project:
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Thanks to Pamir for directing me to father Keating.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reiki - a pathwork for expanding intuition

We all (male and female) have equal intuitive abilities. My experience of intuition is that it covers the gambit of all extra-senses which would include sensing/feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling.

Everyone expresses sensing/feeling at the most basic level. Like walking into a room and feeling welcomed or wanting to turn and run. And we all experience gut reactions to a new person we meet, partnership or proposal. We may be open or other. Part of our survival mechanisms. Each of us has a gift that is our main way of perceiving. Some see, some sense, some hear, some smell and some taste. I've talked with folks who have each as primary and one or more secondary. Usui Reiki Ryoho has many techniques which help develop and hone our intuitive abilities. In Shoden (the beginning teachings) the practice of hands on fills the body with energy and begins the wholing process. The breathing technique Joshin Kokyu reduces stress and clears the mind. While the Gassho Meditation begins our focus inward. It helps quiet the mind ('monkey mind') and still frenetic outer activities.

As intuition develops it can include empathy, being able to sense what is going on with others... emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. This empathic bond often expresses with siblings or parents/children and people/animals. Usui Reiki Ryoho Okuden (innermost teachings) offers techniques and symbols which expand the process of sensing subtle energy, building the compassion body and expanding intuition. The technique Byosen Reikan... scanning, develops and hones our empathic abilities. The technique Reiji develops and hones these abilities further by getting the small mind out of the process. It creates an environment where we begin to trust as we allow Reiki to guide us to the imbalances.

Our intuition develops further and we begin to intuit the astral levels, how/where many psychics read. Astral is where telepathy is honed. It is a 'free for all' zone where anything goes. A zone for coming to understanding about guiding forces, focus, stranding, attention, intention and more. Usui Reiki Ryoho Shinpiden (mystery teachings) furthers the process of accessing other levels through symbol focus and Reiju 'energy blessing'.

As intuition develops even further we begin to access universal knowledge and have conversations with other beings. Some would call this channeling, it falls in the realm of conscious-channeling (having a conversation) rather then trans-channeling (another speaking through with self unconscious). In other words the person is fully awake and aware during conversations. We have access to all knowledge, other dimensions, levels, worlds, parallel worlds, universes and beyond. The universal level is where one hones discernment about energetic resonance, intention, where one chooses to focus and 'who is who in the zoo' so to speak. And makes choices about self, service and continuing pathwork.

My extracted presumption... whatever level access, there continues to be refining and honing of all levels of beingness.

If one is desirous of expanding one's consciousness Usui Reiki Ryoho is one of the easiest pathworks to undertake. But all require dedication and doing for results.

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~Bonnee (a.k.a. Adonea)

This was inspired by a blog that Duane Flowers posted recently called 'Guessing vs. Intuiting in Reiki' at