Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Angel of Change

Redoubt-photo by-Brentwood-Higman 3-27-09

Mt. Redoubt (March 2009)  photo by Brentwood Higman

'Angel of Change' is my name for this spectacular photograph of  Mount Redoubt, Alaska exploding awake again with fire and lightening early morning March 28, 2009. Awesome!!! Can you see the angel, heart and angel fish? Beloved Creator gives us more messages and indicators.

The angel is a messenger heralding change through the fire of transformation and transmutation who says, 'It moves, ALL IS WELL, you are a Divine Child of God.' The lightening heart emerging from smoke says, 'FEAR NOT beloved... you are Loved, always taken care of and eternal'. It reminds us to Love all and do all through and with Love.' The angel fish says, 'HAVE FAITH things are not what they appear. Fish show us Independence, Potential and Adaptation. When swimming upwards fish indicates Spiritual evolution. The angelfish tells us angels are always around. It guides us to assist others in need... by helping others we help ourselves.  The explosion of Redoubt indicates there will be doubts projected and doubt will intensify. The mountain says, 'HAVE NO DOUBT, hold the visions of the future you wish to collectively create... they are made manifest! The message: fear nothing, have faith, hold your visions without doubt, love self, others and the process itself, help each other, all is well and in transformation. In the end all will be new, fresh an unlike anything seen to date. Whoo Hoo... might as well let go and enjoy the ride! featured the photo above with the caption:

1:43 pm ET Incredible volcano lightning photos: These are pictures taken on March 28 of Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcanic eruption. The volcano has been erupting for several days now but has recently evolved into a different eruption pattern.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Vision for A New Earth

1st January photograph © 2009  Shugaley Pavel

'1st January' photograph by Shugaley Pavel

A Vision for A New Earth

  • An Earth where chaos matures into growth and reality is a soul harmony vibrating to Love in synchronicity.
  • Knowing through radical trust, silence and stillness that the dark is pierced by the Light, and fear and ignorance transformed into insight, love and wisdom.
  • New leaders with spiritual vision unashamedly inspired by a loving connection to all life and a passionate caring for self, humanity and the environment lead the world to an unanimously agreed upon charter of peace.
  • Religion is no longer fought over, but honored as expressions of divinity.
  • Borders vanish to form one Circle of Light one earth – one vision - one garden – one economy – one humanity.
  • Diversity is celebrated within the uniqueness of each individual’s culture, race and heart.
  • Generosity and gratitude replace greed, and the desire to accumulate out of fear of scarcity, is replaced by knowing that all is provided for.
  • Spirit is acknowledged in the radiance of each person’s being beyond all illusions.
  • The creative potential of each person’s abilities unfold into expressions of joyous creations.
  • All learning celebrates soul development, character, creativity and imagination.
  • Sound, thought, light, feeling and color are understood as
    palettes of creation to manifest reality.
  • Love is fostered as the elixir of life and Joy the blueprint for achievement.
  • Beauty, compassion and forgiveness weave perception and create connection.
  • Infinity is grasped as an awakening into the ever evolving mystery of the Now moment.
  • Time is seen as a fractal of Infinity where the Now locates,
    attention focuses and intention directs.
  • Nature is Light. Light is the interplay of the dance of particles in the known cosmos of Love. Light is the breath of The Divine.
    In Light, are the codes of all life playing a symphony of Love.
  • Love is all there is. As you are in your heart. In Peace. In Love. Know that you are loved beyond measure.
  • Know that we are in a New Earth where we all celebrate our magnificence.
  • Dream it and it will Be.

~Author Unknown

Amazing photograph and wisdom... thanks for the visions!!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Pink Elephant... really???

Pink Elephant photo by Mike Holding

'Rare Pink Elephant Baby' photograph by Mike Holding

Everywhere... all around... more and more gifts from Creator. Signs we move... we progress. Heart shaped galaxies, pink dolphins, sun halos, comets... more. Now this very rare, sweet, beautiful, albino, pink, baby African elephant. Amazing!

Elephant represents - compassion, loyalty, strength, intelligence, discernment,  commitment, astuteness, memory, longevity, power and peace. Pink is the color of Universal Love, love of self and others, harmony and inner peace; and a developed heart chakra (Anahata). Elephant in Buddhism represents mental strength; the white elephant is a powerful controlled mind that eliminates all obstacles on the path. It is said that Buddha was born as a white elephant in a previous incarnation. Ganesh, the white elephant Hindu god removes obstacles and brings peace and inner knowing. A pink elephant shows us how... eliminate obstacles through love.

A pink elephant is great gift indeed... it shows Creators Love for us and blesses our unfolding. Indicators: keep faith, remember love of self and others, bring peace to all, discern what brings harmony, be strong and clear of mind, develop heart and inner knowing. 


March 20, 2009 - A pink elephant caught on camera.  A wildlife cameraman took pictures of the calf when he spotted it among a herd of about 80 elephants in the Okavango Delta (Botswana). Experts believe it is probably an albino, which is an extremely rare phenomenon in African elephants. Read more at BBC.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Galactic Love!!!


'Galactic Love' photo  by NASA's Telescopes

'Galactic Love' is my name for this spectacular capture of two merging galaxies called NGC 6240. It's a great flying heart! What beautiful colors, blues, pink and purple with a core of golden white... painted with streaks of infrared light. WOW awe inspiring! Thank you beloved Creator. Love is everywhere and ever expanding.

March 16, 2009: A new image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope offers a rare view of an imminent collision between the cores of two merging galaxies, each powered by a black hole with millions of times the mass of the sun. The spectacular image combines visible light from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and infrared light from Spitzer. It catches the two galaxies during a rare, short-lived phase of their evolution, when both cores of the interacting galaxies are still visible but closing in on each other fast. Read more at NASA Newsroom.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Wayraman - Manatial

Wayraman by Manatial

Beautiful panpipes and flute telling a story of love. Sweet!

Manatial, The Mystic Sound from the Andes, Song: Wayraman, Album: The Secret of the Dancing Spirits DVD, Video produced by: AylluRecords. Recorded in Salasaca, Ecuador. Official website:

Manantial are Indigenous musicians from the Kichwa-Salasaka community in  Ecuador. They present a magical connection between ancient and present cultures through song and dance. Members include Alberto Jerez, Kjulliar Jerez and Carlos Jerez  from Salasaka-Ecuador.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quiet Respite - Empty Your Mind

Zen Meditation video by

When life has over taken and is controlling you, step back... breathe... watch, listen and allow this lovely quieting video to bring a space of quiet respite. A place to regroup, center, quiet and empty the mind. Enjoy the peace.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Return of the Ancestors, Wisdom Gathering

Return of the Ancestors, Wisdom Gathering, Sedona, AZ April 18th - 28, 2009

An important gathering is about to occur. I thought you might find it of interest. 'Return of the Ancestors' is happening April in Northern Arizona. Here is  information about the gathering:

500 years ago the Mayan Ancestors wrote out on stone prophesies for the upcoming years creating the Mayan Calendar.  With only four years left of the Mayan Calendar, many people fear the end of the world, but it is not predicting the end of the world in 2012, but the start of a new era.  To usher in this new era The Institute for Cultural Awareness is holding a sacred pilgrimage in Northern Arizona beginning Earth Day Weekend, April 18th – 28, 2009. 

Indigenous Elders and Future Wisdom Keepers are coming from every corner of the world to share their wisdom and prophesies.  Will help us heal and follow in their ancestors footsteps as prophesied, creating new guide stone tablets of prophesy for the upcoming 500 years…the world has awaited a renewed life’s plan.

This gathering is fulfilling a great Mayan prophecy, When the Eagle once again flies with the Condor, a lasting peace will reign in the Americas and will spread throughout the world to unite humanity. 

To find out more visit ICA website. A Ho!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Rare Pink Dolphin... more signs!


'Rare pink dolphin' photo by Capt. Erik Rue

When I lived on Kauai I often would sit alone and watch the dolphins playing just off shore. One day while pondering a particularly difficult life situation a dolphin caught my attention. He jumped out of the water and spun in circles then dove out of sight. He repeated this again and again while making joyful noise. When we touched consciousness I was showered with Love and happiness and received the message 'There is only Love, play dear one, nothing is of import which leaden the heart."

A pink albino dolphin! What a glorious gift from Creator. Dolphins represent manna, breath, play and Oneness. Manna is energy... the essence of Creator which is present in all Creation. Breath is life, taking in and renewing Manna which sustains body; keeps it alive. Through the rhythm of breath we may begin to sense energy and intensify our connection to God. Oneness is our Divine connection with everything... 'all that is'. Pink is the color of Universal Love, love of self and others, harmony and inner peace; and a developed heart chakra (Anahata). Our pink dolphin gives us indicators (a road map) to guide us as we expand spiritually. Indicators... link with Creator for answers, commune with nature, remember Love and Oneness, be mindful of bodily energies and breath and spread waves of laughter, joy and love into the world. Thank you for your glorious indicators beloved Creator. A pink dolphin... indeed!


Pink dolphin photograph taken by Captain Eric Rue on Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana. You can see more of Erik's photos of the pink dolphin at Calcasieu Charter Service.

Kari Pugh, Mad Mariner daily boating magazine writes, "Albino dolphins are rare. Only three have been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico since 1994 and there have only been 14 sightings around the world since 1963. But albino dolphins that appear to be pink are unheard of, says Patricia Rosel, a  NOAA marine biologist who studies the genetic glitches found in bottlenose dolphins." You can read the whole article at Mad Mariner.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mo Ghruagach Dhonn - Julie Fowlis

Mo Ghruagach Dhonn sung by Julie Fowlis

Lovely, clear and sweet, Julie's voice is just beautiful. I enjoy listening to her sing this ancient Gaelic love song about a man's search.

Julie says of the song,

"This is a North Uist love song which I heard for the first time in the house of Kate-Ann MacLellan in Hùna, North Uist (Scotland)."

Julie Fowlis, Song: Mo Ghruagach Dhonn , Album: Cuilidh  (2007), Label: SPIT & POLISH  Official website:

Mo Ghruagach Dhonn (My Brown-haired Lass) Gaelic lyrics in English:

Hi ho ro, my brown-haired lass,
whose beauty becomes more beguiling.
The deep love I have for you
has left me sorely wounded.

Your letter arrived on Tuesday
Telling of what was to be.
It told that your ship would arrive
in Glasgow without delay.
When I read this,
I immediately headed for the Broomielaw.
I saw the ship carrying the jewel,
the maiden, approach.

When I held out my hand
you turned  with a slight smile and
uttered a couple of words
which left me sleepless many nights

You have the loveliest hair,
neither black, nor red nor fair,
but the colour of the most beautiful gold,
yellow, braided and curled. 

I would write for you with a pen.
I would cultivate  for you with a plough.
I would captain a ship for you,
brown haired lass of the deceiving eyes.

You are skilled at working wool
and at writing on blank paper.
But if you have gone overseas, to Australia,
goodbye to you.

I will no longer be in despair.
I’ll grab a new one by the hand.
Solomon, the wisest man who lived,
had many sweethearts

Julie Fowlis born 1979 in North Uist, an island in the Outer Hebrides Scotland is a folk singer instrumentalist who sings primarily in Gaelic. She won the Horizon award at the 2006 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and Folk Singer of The Year at the 2008 awards.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Regresa a mi - Il Divo

'Regresa a mi' sung by Il Divo

A beautiful, sad, moving love song, passionately sung by Il Divo.  Longing for love lost. The line, 'My life turns off without you by my side' touches me. We often merge our lives so completely with another that when other is gone we turn off or shut down. Sometimes it takes years to come alive again... to become some semblance of what we were before the relationship... forever changed, altered. We may review... as a result grow and become more through love. Life is meant to be poignant... Love is always a Divine gift.

A dear friend once said to me, 'I would rather be without love than to accept something ordinary.'  I believe, Love is never ordinary when it comes, treasure it in all its' forms.  No one... nothing is ordinary, nor is anyone or anything special. Everything is sacred and Divine... everyone Perfect as they are... nothing better, nor worse.. just is. Accept what is given and be filled with joy... a choice. The dance of life and love is full of experiences and choices... a smorgasbord of sensations and feelings. Flow with life... appreciate, accept what is and be grateful for breath. We are given what we need in every moment... relationships, family, friends or sacred time to ourselves... discerning what enhances. Searching leads to more searching, an endless quest... a good game like every undertaking. Fun. Play well. What seems mystical to one is simply life unfolding for another. Everything is a blessing from God... life, love, body, home, family, friends, animals, food, nature, breath... everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you for Love, beloved Creator! 

Il Divo, Song: Regresa a Mi, Album: Il Divo - Il Divo (2004), Label: Sony BMG, Music video: 2006 Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Sony BMG Music UK (c) 2004 Simco Limited exclusively licensed to Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited. Official website:

Regresa a mi (Return to me) lyrics (Spanish) in English (translated by elmarto-ga):

Don't leave me like this
Speaking only of you
Come and give the smile that went away back to me
One more time to touch your skin and deep to sigh
Let's recover what has been lost
Return to me

Love me once again
Erase the grief I experienced when you left
when you parted from me
Tell me yes
I don't want to cry
Return to me

I miss the love that went away
I miss the happiness as well
I want you to come to me and love me again
I can't go on if you're not here; you have to arrive
My life turns off without you by my side
Return to me, Return to me

Il Divo (Italian for 'star or or celebrity') was created by music manager Simon Cowell. They are a multinational operatic pop vocal group. Members of Il Divo are singers: Carlos Marín (born October 13, 1968 in Rüsselsheim, Germany, raised in Madrid, Spain), Urs Bühler (born July 19, 1971 in Willisau, Lucerne, Switzerland), David Miller (born April 14, 1973 in San Diego, California but grew up in Littleton, Colorado), and Sébastien Izambard (born March 7, 1973 in Paris, France). They sing in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Latin. Il Divo was named the Most Multinational UK No.1 Album Group in the 2006 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Three Little Birds - Connie Talbot

'Three Little Birds' sung by Connie Talbot

Sweet, fun and happy, makes me smile. I love the lines, 'Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.' How true!  Worry stems from thinking about past/future, usually something which has not yet manifest. Worry is fear-based (FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real or Future Expectations Appearing Real). It's not yet become reality, so is assumed or expected. With our powerful thoughts backed with by feelings we make what we dwell on real. So remembering, 'Don't worry cause everything's gonna be alright' helps us take a deep breath, step back from 'whatever' and know we are ok. Right now we are ok! Thanks for the happy reminder. I just found Connie today on youtube, what talent!

Connie Talbot, Song: Three Little Birds, Album: Over the rainbow (2008), Label: AAO Rainbow Recording  , Official website:  'Three Little Birds' originally made popular by Bob Marley.

'Three Little Birds' lyrics:

Dont worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin: dont worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right!

Rise up this mornin,
Smiled with the risin sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin, (this is my message to you-ou-ou:)

Singin: dont worry bout a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin: dont worry (dont worry) bout a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right!

Rise up this mornin,
Smiled with the risin sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin, this is my message to you-ou-ou:

Singin: dont worry about a thing, worry about a thing, oh!
Every little thing gonna be all right. dont worry!
Singin: dont worry about a thing - I wont worry!
cause every little thing gonna be all right.

Connie Talbot born November 20, 2000 in Streetly, West Midlands, England is a child singer. She began singing at age 2 and rose to fame in 2007 after her appearance on Britain's Got Talent. She's also in the newest Guinness Book of Records as the youngest artist to ever be in the UK Charts.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glorious Indicators... we move!

comet lulin by John-Nassr 2-24-09

Glorious Indicators... we move!

Beautiful green comet Lulin is currently located in the night sky between Saturn and Regulus and is moving backwards (never observed in a comet before). Photo taken by astrophotographer John Nassr in the Philippines.

Astrologically... Comets are usually seen as signs of things to come... predictors. On February 23, 2009 Lulin was at its' closest position to earth, on the 24th it made it's first naked eye appearance during New Moon (time for creation) in Pisces (seeing beyond material to other realms). Significance: Lulin is an awakener... moving backward suggests turning within. The timing suggests motivation to awaken, seeking answers beyond tactile senses. Inner creation, beyond material to other realms. As well on the 24th Lulin conjoins Saturn (time and material reality) which is in opposition to Uranus (technological innovation, energy and radical change). Significance: Lulin's alignment suggests an awakening.... reexamining our beliefs about time and material reality and urging radical change. The green color of Lulin suggests healing in areas it impacts. Lulin helps us to collectively recognize our material and energetic impact on all that is... then heal, lessen or eliminate that impact. 'The current green movement?' As well it urges us to look at our beliefs and stretch beyond. Lulin was discovered because of a collaboration between Taiwanese and Chinese astronomers. So it carries the energy of working together. Perhaps it offers a solution to current world crises - heal our differences, turn within for answers and collaborate.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Furniture - Amy Studt

'Furniture' sung by Amy Studt, music video

Haunting, fragile and intense... touches me to the bone! Makes me wonder... why we cause harm to each other, the earth and all life? Why don't we love each other or ourselves? Will we be able to collectively move beyond these destructive patterns? I know we can! I really like the lines, 'behind the skin, my divinity, behind the skin, my only sanctuary.' The skin, the bone... a vehicle... a temple. Behind the skin... Soul... our Divinity, our sanctuary... who 'we truly are'. We move toward the ultimate... conscious merging of skin and Soul... self actualization... enlightenment or Divine Union. Works like this song help us see, understand, know... remember right action... awake our compassionate nature.  Thanks Amy for creating a wonderful song and for the reminder.

Amy Studt, Song: Furniture (digital single December 2007), Album: My Paper Made Men (digital May 2008, CD March 2009), Label: 19 Entertainment, Video produced by: Lee Lennox, Official website:

'Furniture' lyrics:

I am only flesh and bones, Splintered glass and tattered clothes,
behind the skin, my fragility, behind the skin, a skeletal impracticality,
I am only pieces of you, held together with paper glue,
behind the skin, my divinity, behind the skin, my only sanctuary.
You can lean on me, have a drink on me, leave your mark all over me, paint the outside 'till it smiles, you can eat off me, rest your head on me, press yourself on top of me, kick the back until its quiet.
All in all I'm just furniture, Just another piece taking you one step further from the perfect living room set,
All in all I'm just furniture, In these 4 walls that hold me, keep me safe under sound and bare within its grip.
My wooden heart it sings no more, This dress I wear becomes the floor, behind the skin, a living, breathing thing, behind the skin, a place you've never been.
You can lean on me, have a drink on me, leave your mark all over me, paint the outside 'till it smiles, you can eat off me, rest your head on me, press yourself on top of me, kick the back until its quiet.
All in all I'm just furniture, Just another piece taking you one step further from the perfect living room set,
All in all I'm just furniture, In these 4 walls that hold me, keep me safe under sound and bare within its grip.
I am only flesh and bones, Splintered glass and tattered clothes


Amy Studt (Amy Jane Studt) born March 22, 1986 in Bournemouth, England is a singer, songwriter and musician. She made her first music demo at 14 which resulted in a contract with Polydor. Her first single 'Just a Little Girl' released in 2002 was an international success.  Amy's Myspace page is amystudtofficial.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tibetan Plateau - Vitas

'Tibetan Plateau' sung by Vitas

Spectacular! Glorious journey through the mountains and minds of Tibet. Beautifully sung by Vitas.

Vitas, Song: Tibetan Plateau (2008 Just released.), Video created by: Dieforsing (China), Song written by: Qianyi Zhang. Official website: Plateau is a folk song made popular by Li Na (李娜).

Vitas (Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachyov) born February 19, 1981 in Daugavpils, Latvia is a Russian singer, composer, actor and fashion designer. Vitas, or Витас in Russian is how he is most well known. He was the only foreign artist to sing at the Olympic starting concert July 2008.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Smokin' Heaven?' - Alexander Petrenko

Arieal view smoke above Moscow, Russia photo ©Alexander Petrenko

'Smokin' Heaven?' photograph by Alexander Petrenko

'Smokin' Heaven?' is my name for this interesting, fun and amazing photograph. Is Heaven above us? Alexander saw this group of Heavenly golfers over Moscow, Russia and captured it. How cool is that 'Heavenly Smokin' Golfers'. Don't know if it's truly Heaven, but it's a wonderful reminder. Even in smoke we can see life and Creator's love. It's everywhere... all around we just need to stop, pause, breathe and see. Amazing! Thank you beloved Creator for this wonderful whimsical reminder. Cough, cough!

Alexander's name for the photo is "Оказывается, тут тоже есть жизнь…” ("It occurs, here also there is life…”). The aerial photograph was taken over Kiev-Moscow, Russia on the approach to Sheremet'yevo Airport. He says, "I officially explain this is the photo as it appeared winter 2006, with no editing other then crop and resize." You can see more of his wonderful photos on his photo blog or read Petrenko blog.

Archipelago of Sulu photograph ©Farl Another beautiful reminder of Creator's love is this photo of Archipelago of Sulu taken by Farl. It looks like an island with a heart cut out of the center. He calls it Donut Hole. You can see more lovely photos from Farl at

I found both photos while perusing 'The World From Above: The Beauty Of Aerial Photography'. Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pie Jesu - Sissel Kyrkjebø

Pie Jesu performed by Sissel Kyrkjebø

Exquisite! Perfect, clear, heart song. Incredible voice and presentation... wow! Brings tears. A beautiful, compassionate plea to Jesus to end suffering in the world.

Sissel Kyrkjebø, Song: Pie Jesu, Album: My Heart (2004),  Label: Decca. The video is from her PBS concert 'All Good Things' available on DVD. Official website:

Pie Jesu as written by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Latin):

°Pie Jesu
°Qui tollis peccata mundi   
°Dona eis requiem

Agnus dei
Qui tollis peccata mundi
Dona eis requiem

English translation:

Kind Jesus
You, who takes away the sins of the world,
Grant them rest.

Lamb of God
You, who takes away the sins of the world,
Grant them rest.

Sissel Kyrkjebø (known as Sissel) born June 24, 1969 in Bergen, Norway is a soprano. She is best known for singing the Olympic Hymn at the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Norway. Sissel is one of the world's top crossover sopranos who sings pop, folk, classical and operatic arias. Sissel on Facebook.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Længe Siden - Sorten Muld

"Længe Siden' by Sorten Muld

Beautiful, body moving, earthy, sexy. Deep in the woods, dancing with the fey... enchanted. Thanks Sorten Muld for the journey... melding past and present. Wonderful!

Sorten Muld, Song: Længe Siden, Album: III (2000), Label: NorthSide, Website:

'Længe Siden' 'Long Ago'  lyrics:

Mild mild sommervind
lærker i dit hår
hvor er det længe længe siden
Men snart er rejsen endebragt
snart vender du hjem
til mild mild sommervind alle dage

English translation...

Soft soft summer breeze
Larks hiding in your hair
Its such a long long time ago now
But soon the journey is brought to its end
Soon you will return
to soft soft summer breeze all days to come

Sorten Muld 'Black Earth' a Danish electro-folk band, formed in 1995. Band members are: singer Ulla Bendixsen, musician-architect Martin Ottesen and technician Henrik Munch. Their first major release in Denmark was Mark II which went gold and won 2 Danish Grammy awards.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kala - Yann Tiersen

Kala performed by Yann Tiersen, vocals by Liz Fraser

Lovely, light filled and sweet. Takes you on a journey without end, to places and places and places. Flowing, moving. Feels like the journey of the Soul through lifetimes... ever growing, ever experiencing. Just beautiful, thanks Yann and Liz for the moving journey.

Yann Tiersen, Song Kala, Album: Les Retrouvailles (2005), Label: Virgin. Les Retrouvailles includes a DVD with a short film: "La Traversée" directed by Aurélie du Boys. Website: I was unable to find the lyrics to Kala.

Yann Tiersen (Guillaume Yann Tiersen) born June 23, 1970 in Brittany, France is an internationally known musician and composer. He is best known for composing the score to Amélie a movie directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. He most often creatively performs utilizing the piano, violin and accordion but also plays the guitar, melodica, xylophone, toy piano, ondes martenot, harpsichord, typewriter and more.

Elizabeth Fraser (Elizabeth Davidson Fraser) born August 29, 1963 in Grangemouth, Scotland is best known as the lead singer for Cocteau Twins'. She has also collaborated with numerous artists including Felt, Dif Juz, Orbital, Ian McCulloch and others. Her website is is currently under construction.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Unfold by Marié Digby

Unfold performed by Marié Digby

Beautiful, touching song. Reminds me of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. She unfolds... comes out... becomes more who she truly is and allows love to permeate... all. I love the line, 'My soul it's dying to be free I can't live the rest of my life so guarded. It's up to me to choose.. what kind of life I lead.'  A choice... to live life fully and allow love in. Love is the essence of all! What a wonderful reminder Marié thanks for sharing your heart and unfolding process with us! 

Marié Digby, Song: Unfold, Album: Unfold (2008), Label:  Hollywood Records. Her official Youtube channel  is MarieDigby.

Marie says about the song,

This is a song I wrote recently called 'Unfold'... it's probably the most personal song I've ever written. It came out of my frustration at my tendency to shut people out. Especially in love, I found myself always finding reasons to back away and I couldn't figure out why. This song is literally, my thinking process in trying to understand how I became this person and if I have the power to change it.

Unfold lyrics:

What I can remember is a lot like water trickling down a page of the most beautiful colors. I can't quite put my finger down on the moment that I became like ... this.

You see I'm the bravest girl you will ever come to meet and yet I shrink down to nothing at the thought of someone really seeing me.

I think my heart is wrapped around and tangled up in winding weeds but I don't wanna go on living being so afraid of showing someone else my.. imperfections.

Even though my feet are trembling and every word I say comes stumbling I will bare it all.. watch me unfold... unfold.

These hands that I hold behind my back are bound and broken by my own doing and I can't feel anything, anymore I need a touch to remind me I'm still real..

My soul it's dying to be free I can't live the rest of my life
so guarded. It's up to me to choose.. what kind of life I lead.
Cause I don't wanna go on living being so afraid of showing
someone else my.. imperfections.

Even though my feet are trembling and every word I say comes stumbling I will bare it all.. watch me unfold... unfold.

I will allow someone to love me
I will allow someone to love me...
love me.. love me...

Marié Digby (pr. Mahr-ee-ay) born April 16, 1983 in New York is a singer/songwriter/musician from Los Angeles, California.

Today is full moon 14:49 UT (6:49am PST). There is also a penumbral lunar eclipse between 1400 and 1520 UT (6:00am - 7:20am PST). Today's eclipse brings in Love. Many folks around the world are focusing on Love to amplify and strengthen the memory for all that is. Thank you beloved Creator for your blessings of Love and thanks to all who focus on it.

All you need is Love!   John Lennon


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alien World?

Ice Halo in Sweden  ©2009 Ivar Marthinusen

'Alien World?' photo by Ivar Marthinusen 

'Alien World?' is my name for this magnificent photograph . This strangely beautiful flat alien landscape looks like a lake of steaming gas which tumbles into a misty void with rainbow columns and a second sun. Is this a planet near Betelgeuse? Maybe it's in a 2 dimensional universe somewhere other? Or perhaps this is Tolkien's Middle Earth floating, hovering in between? What to you see?

It's actually on Earth. The photo was taken at a ski resort in Åre, Sweden by Ivar Marthinusen on Jan. 27, 2009. A view of the world from above atop a mountain... with sun, clouds, mist, snow, ice halo and a subsun. Thank you, thank you, thank you beloved Creator for this otherworldly, amazing, magnificent creation. WOW, I'm in awe!

Space Weather featured one of Ivar's photos on their home page February 1. The photo above was on a page with others taken on the same day. They say of the photos...

"Skiing photographer Ivar Matheson did everything right on Jan. 27th when he took the picture above. "I was at the Ãre ski resort in Sweden. It was a sunny day and the air was filled with ice crystals. This gave rise to an impressive display of luminous sun halos, sundogs, sub-sundogs, subsuns, upper and lower sun pillars and tangent arcs." The complete collection is a must-see."


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simple Soul - Eddi Reader

'Simple Soul' sung by Eddi Reader

Just lovely!  A song that talks about simplicity, living and loving simply and seeing the best in all. I really like the verse, 'But it only takes a child to see, The diamonds in the coal.' Seeing the beauty, wonder and value in everything... in each other. There is a Sanskrit word 'Namaste' which in essence means 'I recognize, honor and bow to you as Master/Soul'. At our core we are all Masters or diamonds... clear, beautiful and sparkling. We simply are, know, are connected to everything and are in the present moment. Imagine if everyone lived this... life from Soul or enlightenment. Sweet easy uncomplicated life, living fully with precious love, incredible awe, prosperity and peace.  Thanks for the reminder Eddi!

Eddi Reader, Song: Simple Soul, Album:  Simple Soul (2001), Label: Compass Records. Website:

Lyrics to 'Simple Soul'

I'd lift my head with each sunrise
If I had a simple soul
When I was weary I'd close my eyes
If I had a simple soul
Not too complicated to shiver when I'm cold
I'd make my home where I am bound
If I had a simple soul, simple soul
I say my prayers and hope to God
And I know he will know
I will break my daily bread
When hunger starts to grow
It doesn't have to be that hard
If it hurts you let it go
What you see is what you are
If you've got a simple soul, simple soul
It might take an alchemist
To turn your dust to gold
But it only takes a child to see
The diamonds in the coal
It's not so easy when a habit takes a hold
I never knew it would be so hard
To keep my simple soul, simple soul

Eddi Reader was born Sadenia Edna Reader in Glasgow, Scotland August 28, 1959. Eddi is a singer/songwriter who worked with the band Fairground Attraction and now has a successful solo career.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Inspired by Light - 2009 Trend Forcast

Inspired by Light photograph  ©Olivia Jordan

'Inspired by Light' photograph by Olivia Jordan

'Inspired by Light' is my name for this amazing photograph. In awe and wonder, outstretched hands hold Light. Grasping sun. Glistening rays circle. Star burst. The Light which illumines...  us. Magnificent reminder Olivia!


Economic Trend forecast for 2009?

A snippet of the prediction by Gerald Celente, Editor and Publisher, The Trends Journal, Rhinebeck, New York:

“In 2007, we predicted the Panic of 2008 and that was mostly in the financial areas. Now we're going to see it in the Collapse of 2009 spread beyond financials throughout society. It's underway. It's happening before our eyes. This is a collapse of monumental proportions. Every day the news is filled with one disaster after another. There's nothing, nothing, they can do to stop this - other than a productive capacity and maybe an alternative energy, something along the lines of the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel! (laughs) But it has to be really monumental. We can't do it by printing money.... you can read the full article at: or see Celente's website Trends Research.

My thoughts...

There certainly is much fear in Celente's prediction. I read the 2008 trend forecast in January 2007. At that time he said based on the financial trends he saw, there would be an Economic 911 and it would start with one really big bank failure and go from there. He was right! In other years he predicted a boom and upsurge... he was in all the media from NBC News to The Wall Street Journal with that prediction. He was right then too. No one really wants to hear bad news.

I think his 2009 prediction is right on based on how it feels right now. There's a boiling undercurrent of frustration and disbelief, moving toward explosive anger. There is massive change in the wind. A revolution of sorts. And it's not about money... none of it ultimately is about the green stuff. The outcome will ultimately be based on what we want... everything is consciousness. So just like we turned the prophesy about Y2K around by shifting our consciousness... we can shift this too.

One very big factor which hasn't been taken into account in all of this is our Divinity and the power of thought and feeling. We are not helpless victims, nor are we the same peoples we were before the Great Depression. We have grown Spiritually... if you doubt that just look to the movie industry for some examples... we've got Spiritual Cinema Circle, The Secret, Celestine Prophesy, Conversations with God and so many more uplifting mind/spirit altering 'Creator films'. Today we are also more telepathic and more of us clearly see that which is untrue or trying to be hidden.

This is a global restructuring effecting all life. The questions arise...  do we want to shift? Do we believe we can? What do we want as an outcome? Which path do we WANT to take? What are appropriate actions? What is the highest good for All That Is? Nothing is ever written in stone. Perhaps this is our next collective test or assignment. We are all Masters... either of Divine Expression or Limitation... acting with Love or reacting from Fear. We hold the answers in our hearts and hands... inspired by Light. What do you choose?


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scared of Heights, Espen Lind

'Scared of Heights' performed by Espen Lind

Happy, fun song... listening to it makes me smile. I love the line, 'You lift me up into the sky, Felt like I could fly, never gonna die'. We help each other remember... for a moment...  We fly together, let go and soar. Brain programming kicks in, we say to ourselves 'I can't...' and suddenly we're afraid.  We limit ourselves, stop ourselves from fully experiencing all we desire simply because we think, 'I can't'. This song is a great reminder of our unlimited potential. Thanks for the smile and wonderful song Espen!

Espen Lind, Song: Scared of Heights, album: Army of One (2008),  Label: Universal Music AS. Scared of Heights is also released as a single. Myspace: Espen Lind 

'Scared of Heights' lyrics:

I have always been the type to think before I speak
I have always been the type to look before I leap
And like a bolt out of the blue I was struck and there was you
For a moment I believed that I could let go
You lift me up into the sky
Felt like I could fly
never gonna die
n' I almost made it but not quite
Now you're flying out of sight
and you know I can't come with you
I'll always be scared of heights
always be scared of heights
I didn't think I'd meet someone who'd make me change my ways
Never thought I'd find someone who'd brighten up my days
Someone who made me forget
my hands were tied
my wings were clipped
Someone who made me believe that I could let go
You lift me up into the sky
I felt like I could fly
I was never gonna die
n' I almost made it but not quite
you're flying out of sight
and you know I can't come with you
'cause I'll always be scared of heights
scared of heights
Wish I never knew how great it feels up in the air
Wish I never got to feel the wind blow through my hair
Well, in my dreams you'll always be flying high along with me
and in my dreams I'll always feel that I can let go
You lift me up into the sky
I feel like I can fly
I'm never gonna die
N' I almost made it but not quite
now you're flying out of sight
and now I can't come with you
'cause I'll always be scared of heights

Espen Lind, born May 13, 1971 is a singer/songwriter, producer and instrumentalist from Tromsø, Norway.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Surrender - Celine Dion, live

'I Surrender' performed live in Las Vegas by Céline Dion

This still takes my breath away every time I hear it I tear up and shiver. First heard it when I was surrendering, letting go, giving all to Creator... learning to totally Trust. Celine's performance of this song touched my heart and Soul to a degree words can't describe. Love poured through me, arms wrapped around my body.. I knew without a doubt I was deeply loved, protected, always taken care of and nurtured. All that was required of me was to surrender to Creator, Be and Love all that is... so easy, yet... so difficult. Every time I listen to it I have the same intense and incredible experience. Thanks Céline for such an inspiring performance... WOW!

Céline Dion, Song: I Surrender, album: A New Day Has Come (2002), Label: Sony. Official website


celinedion Céline Marie Claudette Dion born March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada is a singer/songwriter/actress. She is the youngest of 14 children of a highly musical family. She began singing at age 5 and regularly preformed with her siblings at a nightclub her parents owned. Céline began to receive recognition for her talent in 1982, winning the Gold Medal at the Yamaha World Song Festival in Tokyo, along with the coveted Musician's Award for Top Performer. In 1983, she became the first Canadian ever to receive a Gold Record in France. In 2004, after becoming the best selling female artist of all time, she was presented with the Chopard Diamond Award at the World Music Awards.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Music of Ink Painting: Breath

'The Music of Ink Painting: Breath' by Chang Jing

Stunning! Takes you away to some far off place that says... Quiet... Breathe... just Be. Lovely video, very interesting sound combinations. I love it!

Chang Jing, Song: Breath (音樂山水畫:呼吸), album: Open Music Li Xian 离弦 (2005)  Performed and co-composed by Chang Jing. Learn more and download the album.

The Chinese zither or guzheng is a traditional musical instrument with a unique ancient sound.

Chang Jing was born in Chengdu, Sichuan, at the age of 8 she began studying the guzheng. She attended Sichuan Conservatory of Music a middle school affiliated with the guzheng. From 1991-1995 she attended China Conservatory of Music and graduated first in her class, then joined China Song and Dance Troupe. I couldn't find an official webpage or additional information.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Beats For You - My Morning Jacket, live

'It Beats for You' - My Morning Jacket, live

Haunting, pretty song... about consciousness, love and belief. I love the line 'Just Believe and You can Do'... so true. This live performance is different from others the band has done.

My Morning Jacket, Song: It Beats for You, Album: Z (2005), Label:  ATO/RCA, Website: My Morning Jacket

It Beats for You lyrics:

Who Could See And Not Believe?

The Heart That Beats The Wavelength.

And Who Could Say But Never Do.

Things They've Said To Someone Who

Thru All That's Been And All Will Be -

So In Line So Thoughtfully(Lessly)

In Tune With You. So In Time For Me.

New Thoughts Arrive.

So In Time For Me.

Who Can Count The Time I'm Beatin... With My Hands?

Who Can Stop The Smoke From Breathin... In My Head?

Words Will Come And Words Will Go.

Make Believe And Overthrow.

Just Believe And You Can Do.

You Know My Heart - It Beats For You.

It Beats4u - So In Time We Beat.

Your Thoughts Align - So In Time With Me.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Opalescent Sky

Lee Wave Iridescence by Harold Leinbach

'Opalescent Sky' photo by Harold Leinbach

'Opalescent Sky' is my name for this exquisite photograph. Again Creator treats us to beautiful displays reminding us that everything is sacred and that we progress. What colors and patterns! Again we are shown colors that aren't 'normally' seen in a rainbow spectrum... pastels... turquoise, pink, lavender, golden pink. And is that an eight or infinity? Perhaps a message of our infinite nature... everything is possible... endless possibilities. Our visualizations of Divine Nature made manifest. This sky is magnificent! Thank you, thank you for this gift, again... thank you Beloved Creator. You continue to awe and amaze with beauty and majesty.

Photo was taken in Boulder, Colorado January 2, 2009 by Harold Leinbach. He says of the sky,

"The pastel colors were lovely and the billowing cloud shapes were quite fascinating."


Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley explains: "For brightly-colored iridescence you need cloud droplets of all the same size. You get that if all the droplets have formed at the same time and experienced the same history. Dynamic conditions inside a lee cloud are just what the doctor ordered. The clouds look stationary but inside there is a 'factory conveyor' with uniform droplets formed at one end and evaporated at the other. Voila - iridescence."

Lee waves may be found downwind of all mountains--not just the Rockies. If you live in the lee, keep an eye out for pastels in the sky.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire

'Night Streaker' photo by Howard Edin September 30, 2008

'Night Streaker' photo by Howard Edin. Captured from the Okie-Tex Star Party, September 30, 2008

'Night Streaker' is my name for this beautiful... awe filled sight. A fireball streaks by Orion through the night sky. Glorious displays lighting up the skies all over the world. Thank you Beloved Creator, thank you!


The American Meteor Society says it has had 45 separate fireballs reported to them so far in 2009. There were 40 fireballs reported during the month of January in 2008. In the last 90 days there have been sightings in: California, Sweden, New Zealand, Middle East, Canada, Africa, Argentina, Vancouver B.C., Colorado, West Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Ireland, Brazil, China... more.

January 19 - Fireball in Southern California
January 19, 2009 5:33pm PST a brilliant fireball was reported by over 24 people from California, Nevada and Arizona. It was reported to be as bright as the full moon magnitude -13.


Scandinavian Fireball 1-17-09January 17 - Fireball in Sweden

January 17, 2009 19:09 UT,  a beautiful brilliant blue sky was Creator's gift as a fireball lit the night in Scandinavia. It exploded with a rumbling boom. The photo is from a video. You can see videos, read reports and articles at TV2 ØST or Scandinavian Fireball.


My thoughts...

Are there more fireballs? It seems like there are more sightings... but maybe we are just gazing at the sky more... aware... looking... waiting for something. When we see something we gasp in wonder, point and say, 'oh ah... amazing, glorious!' or 'ah oh... doom and gloom!' Are these sightings apocalyptic? Are they signs of the end?

I see them a signs... wonderful signs of change. More of Creator's gifts and blessings. Messages to get our attention... they say, 'Stop for a moment, watch... pause... breathe... Be'. When we are awe filled, in appreciation and wonder we are One... and in that moment we begin to feel and recognize our Oneness.

All of the glorious blessings Creator showers upon us daily are signs of change. Signs of the ending of old ways which no longer work. Like the snake sloughing off of old skin to be renewed or the phoenix being consumed by fire then reborn from its' own ash. Not end as in death or cataclysm... but end of a cycle. Now we are reborn into our full glory and majesty... as we were originally intended to be.

Now is the cycle or yuga of Light... 2,000 years of Peace. Christ has come...  Buddha is here... it is Us... we are That!  The waiting is over... today is 2012... the time we've been waiting for is NOW. It is not about a timeline or calendar date... it is about raising and changing consciousness. We have fully embraced ourselves, climbed the mountain and are standing on the peak saying, 'Who am I? Where am I? What am I?'.

Now we remake ourselves. From this moment... do all with joy. Remake yourself into what you have always dreamed. Create! This is the Grace of NOW!

Be the glorious greatness that you are my friend. Love from the depths of your being ... everything... all. Rejoice!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Light Beam in Aspen

'Light beam' photo ©Thomas O'Brien, Aspen Colorado 1-3-09

'Light beam' photo by Thomas O'Brien

'Light beam' is my name for these amazing photographs. A second sun floats just above the tree tops beaming Light to earth. It looks like a being of light floating above and behind the trees. An amazing gift and wonderful display. Images taken in Aspen, Colorado January 3, 2009 by Thomas O'Brien.

Thomas says about the images,  'Alpine subsun' photo ©Thomas O'Brien 1-3-09

'I had been seeing small sun reflections in the ground all day when riding the lifts last Sunday so i decided to hike around on the backside of the mountain to see if i could find a brighter one. it was incredibly hard to photograph, it was like i was shooting directly into 2 suns at once. getting a shot without lens flare was nearly impossible. I had seen much dimmer ones before but this one was incredible. '

Atmospheric Optics expert Les Cowley reports, "It is exactly like shooting into two suns at once because it is a subsun, a direct reflection of the sun by millions of ice crystals acting as mirrors. The crystals are flat plates drifting in the cold air. Subsuns can be blindingly bright, look for them while skiing or when flying."

Photo was featured on January 11, 2009.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice Flowers in Arkansas

Ice flowers by Chyenne Morning Star, Edgemont, Arkansas

'Ice Flowers' photo by Chyenne Morning Star

On January 16, 2009  Chyenne went outside her home in Edgemont, Arkansas and was greeted by these lovely ribbons of luminous ice. One is a heart.  Everywhere... reminders of Creator's Love. Mother and Father Creators showering blessings upon us. It is glorious. Thanks so much Chyenne for sharing this wonderful photo with us.

Chyenne says of the image,

Every now and then in the midst of Winter when the ground is of one color and the trees are bare, She, Mother Winter will gift us with little luminous beings of ice called Ice Flowers. And particularly when one is shaped as a heart, it is a message. A message from our Mother, the Earth and our Nature sisters and brothers telling us they love us. When I went out to get wood on this January 16, 2009 morning, I noticed these beautiful beings. I have never seen them before - or in our area. They are called Ice Flowers and only form in perfect conditions. It is rare to see them here. They were scattered over the yard. It is one of those gifts in the middle of Winter that really surprises us with another beautiful life form being. These Ice Flowers are sometimes called Rabbit Frost and are formed when the sap freezes and expands in the stem, causing long thin cracks to form along the stem. The water that is drawn through these cracks freezes immediately upon contact with the air. Thin layers of ice are pushed from the stems,causing the formation of ribbons or 'petals.

The photo was featured on the home page of on January 18. They say of the image:

Scientists have been studying the ice flower phenomenon for almost two hundred years. Botanists, physicists, geologists--all have puzzled over the fragile ribbons of ice that wrap themselves around the stems of some plants during winter. Over time, the following consensus has emerged: Liquid water from deep soil flows up into the stems. Linear cracks in the stems expose the water to freezing air. Water turns to ice, and the ice extrudes from the cracks in thin sheets.

There is also a wonderful video of ice flowers at youtube. So amazing... another wonderful display. Thank you beloved Creator, thank you.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frozen Wave... Strange Weather

Frozen Wave - Lake Huron, Mackinaw City, MI by brenda

'Frozen wave' by Tony Travouillon, Anarctica

'Frozen wave' is my name for this amazing photo taken by scientist Tony Travouillon in Antarctica.  That little dark speck is a person... what an awesome sight. Thank you again beloved Creator for this awe inspiring sight. Many other images can be seen in a gallery on Travouillon's website.


The weather certainly has been erratic lately. Has it seemed strange to you too? 


Here is what the Weather Channel reports:

January 16, 2009 - record low temperatures were set in 13 states. Plus there's a new record low for the state of Maine - Big Black River -50 degrees F. The  old record low is -48 degrees at Van Buren, Maine, January 19, 1925. For more on this see

January 16, 2009 - Jeff Mielcarz, Road Crew Host weather blog... "Talk about a roller coaster ride! On Thursday January 15th, the low in Bismarck, ND was minus -44 degrees, while the high in Los Angeles, CA was 85. THAT'S A 129 DEGREE DIFFERENCE over 1,600 miles by car! At 10am eastern on Friday January 16th the temperature in Pensacola, FL is the same as it is in Fairbanks, AK at 31 degrees. Here's the key though, when you factor in the wind ... it FEELS ten degrees colder in Florida this morning. ...In Alaska low temperature LAST Wednesday (January 7) was -46, while their high this PAST Wednesday (January 14) was 44. That's a 90 degree swing in one week!

January 8, 2009 - Dr. Greg Forbes, Severe Weather Expert weather blog reports "heavy rains have ended in Western Washington, but massive river flooding continues..."

January 6, 2009 - Stu Ostro, Senior Meteorologist weather blog records broken, "From white to wet -  The 61.5" total snow accumulation in Spokane in December was a record for any month, and there has been another 16.6" during the first week of January; Seattle had ~14" in December compared with an average of 2.5"; and 22" fell in Portland where the average annual snowfall is 5.2".

This is just in the USA. Weather worldwide is strange too.


My thoughts...

Weather can't make up it's mind... cold - warm - cold - frigid... humm is this a message? A sign? It is global warming? Or perhaps the next ice age?

Maybe it is about consciousness... what we focus on becomes our reality. Some folks believe one thing... some another. Now more then ever large groups of people are focusing their thoughts on global warming... or the other extreme massive cooling. Many people are fearful. Fear is simply an emotion... but a powerful one. Take an idea, internalize it and back it by strong emotion... and it manifests.

The Law of Manifestation states, "Suggestion is the generator behind all operations and manifestations in the material world, and these manifestations cannot happen until suggestion hits the subconscious mind and is 'taken in' by the subconscious mind. An act, objector event, begins with a mental impression of suggestion in the mind, impregnated by emotions until it is exteriorized; a normal function law is used in hypnotherapy, mental telepathic healing, destructive brainwashing cults and visualization.~'The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary' by June G. Bletzer, Ph.D.

We are manifesting our beliefs... thoughts... desires... collectively. So a tug of war of sorts is occurring... as one group manifests global warming and another global cooling.

Imagine what our world could be like with a collective vision...  peace, balance, health, happiness, equality, and prosperity for everyone... all life. Amazing Indeed!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sun orb?

sundog photo by West Chicago, IL by MACGYVER on Jan 16, 2009 On January 16, 2009 MacGyver took this interesting photo  of sundogs in Chicago, IL. What is that pink ball and arc near the sun? It looks 3 dimensional. Is it a camera flare? Some other mechanical anomaly? Or maybe it's an energy orb?  WOW! You can see a larger version at


So many wonderful gifts from Creator. Space Weather has photos of diamond dust ice halos and/or sundogs from 6 different photographers today (January 17, 2009). Plus the Weather Channel featured one on it's home page. Baby it's cold outside!

Creators Wheel photo by Chris Hawes Faribault, Minnesota Chris Haws from Faribault, MN captured another Creator's Wheel (ice halo and sundogs) January 13, 2009. He says, "It was a very cold morning, -20 degrees F, with a fine mist of ice crystals floating in the air," he says. "The sundogs were magnificent, truly almost false suns." Awesome!

frozen florr photo Mark D. Marquette, TN 1-13-09Mark D. Marquette from Boones Creek, TN took the photo left of 'Frozen Flora' on January 13, 2009. He says, "A Tuesday morning fog and 21 degree temperatures caused some of the atmosphere to freeze out, as water vapor took icy form in East Tennessee. The Sun burned off the beautiful scene by 11 am--and I sure am grateful I can set my own work hours! I enjoyed capturing this rare sight in Dixie." How beautiful! I've never seen frozen fog before.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hanalei Mist

Hanalei Mist, Kauai, HI photo ©Patrick Smith Photography 2009

'Hanalei  Mist' photo by Patrick Smith  (Nov. 2008) 

Wow words cannot describe how this photo impacts me. I lived on the North Shore of Kauai, gazed at Hanalei Bay often when I walked. The colors, golden clouds, mists, light sparking on sand and crystal blue ocean take my breath away! Thank you beloved Creator for the enchantment of Kauai... I AM in awe. And thanks to Patrick for sharing this magical capture.

The picture evokes images of Puff the Magic Dragon frolicking in the mists...

"Puff the magic dragon lives by the sea and frolics in the autumn mists in a land called Hanalee." ~From the song 'Puff the Magic Dragon' sung by Peter, Paul and Mary

Patrick says about 'Hanalei Mist':

Clear skies would have been nice to walk under, but the mood would have been gone and the light would have been harsh. Hanalei Bay is a 3-mile long perfect crescent of sand surrounded by the world’s rainiest mountains. Over 500 inches of rain drench nearby Mt. Waialeale every year and about 100 inches fall on this beach. 5 of the 7 famous waterfalls can be seen here.

You can see more of Patricks beautiful images at his website or flickr.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

'Regal Bow' Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow photo by © Dan Bush 2006

'Regal Bow' Double Rainbow photograph by Dan Bush

'Regal Bow' is my name for this sublime double rainbow which appeared February 2, 2006 in  Elam Bend. Dan Bush of McFall, Missouri took this perfect shot of it. You can see more of his photos and read his photo essay of the event at


Regal Bow

cloudy gray

drenching cold

mists abound

breaking cloud

light rays peek

drops burst

light struck

sparkling colors

become bows

arching sky

magic sparkles

colors sing

blessing... all

regal bow

~Inspired by the photo above.


Double Rainbow Lexington, NC by RickKilian 1-7-09 We are being blessed with so many rainbows. Left is a double that formed after winter storms in Lexington, NC taken by Rick Kilian January 7, 2009. You can see more rainbows at More blessings from Creator. Thank you, thank you.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Creator's Majesty

Creator's Majesty photograph ©Ryan Ridge 2009

'Creator's Majesty' photo by Ryan Ridge

'Creator's Majesty' is my name for this amazing image. Ryan Ridge added this photograph to flickr January 7, 2009. A rainbow from his front porch near Homer, Alaska. Wow!


Creator's Majesty

Snow covered mountains peek through mists.

Light plays on drifting clouds.

Still waters shimmer, cold.

While dark pines guard lakes edge.

Rainbow streaks across the sky

The scene so full of wonder

Body shudders, mind expands

Tears fall on wetted cheek

Creator's Majesty! 

Words do no justice here

Simply awe...

~Inspired by the photo above.


You can read about Ryan's life in the big woods of Alaska on his blog or see more of his amazing photos at


Monday, January 12, 2009

Heart on Fire

Heart on Fire Chile's Chaiten volcano  photo ©2008 Carlos Gutierrez

'Heart on Fire' photograph by Carlos Gutierrez

'Heart on Fire' is my name for this unbelievable photo. One of the series taken May 2, 2008 when Chile's Chaiten volcano awakened after 9,000 years of slumber. The ash cloud looks like a heart on fire, pierced by light and exploding with love.

The earth... everything, is getting more spectacular, more awesome and more majestic. I don't remember ever seeing so much awe, color, depth or events which WOW. 2008 was truly a year of movement.


Heart on fire

Earth trembles

Groans, rumbles

Mountain shakes

Bursting crust

Exploding gasses

Steam and ashes

Fire... lightening

Mother stirs

She awakens

From long slumber

And remembers

Glory bright

Patterns shatter

Heart on fire

Pierced by Light

Love pours forth

From crackling Earth

Mother wakes

with great Delight

~Inspired by the awesome images on this page.


Chile's Chaiten volcano photo ©2008 Carlos Gutierrez for UPIHere are two more incredible photographs taken during the eruption by Carlos Gutierrez for UPI. The photo below right is the most famous. It has appeared in National Geographic Magazine and on many webpages. It is considered one of the best photographs taken in 2008. Trying to understand the lightening, the experts Chile's Chaiten volcano famos photo ©2008 Carlos Gutierrez for UPIsay, 'The mingling of lightning and ash as seen above may be a 'dirty thunderstorm'. The little-understood storms may be sparked when rock fragments, ash and ice particles in the plume collide to produce static charges just as ice particles collide to create charge in regular thunderstorms." You can read the full story at National Geographic or see more photographs at UniverSOUL Productions’ Weblog. I couldn't find any more information about Carlos.