Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A beautiful inspired Native Spirit video with a message of Love and Oneness. Music:  Northern Cree Round Dance - produced by Quiet Buck Productions. A similar message was given to Hottidownunda (Stephanie) who wrote a song called YHWH the Spirit. Awe filled!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Azure Sky Dragon - Ling

Ling the Dragon by Bonnee Klein Gilligan. Copyright 2008

Ling, the Dragon by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Ling is a dragon of the sky and clouds. He is an Azure Dragon (lung) the highest among dragons... vital spirit, celestial power and  infinite supernatural power. The lung, or Imperial Dragon represents the East and fertilizing rain. I was told the kanji says 'Great Spirit'. The original 9" x 12" pastel drawing was commissioned in 1999.

Giclee prints available at Spirit Art Gallery.

Friday, September 26, 2008

God Whispers

a poem by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Warm Pallet photo by Light. © 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All Rights Reserved.

God whispers to you

night and day

in wind and rain

and storms

and sparkling dew

upon the lawn.

God's song of life

sings, "I'm with you

I'm all around

just look and see

for I AM you

and you are me."

God whispers to you

all the time

in thoughts and words

and deeds

of self and others


God's song of love

sings, "I'm with you

and you're with me

I'm everyone

and all you see."

God whispers to you

this moment

in all that is

and all you see

of miracles

and majesty.

God's song of peace

sings "I hear you

and heal your wounds

and fill your heart

just stop and be."

God whispers to you

night and day

through everything

you gaze upon

in happiness

in sorrow too

life's poignant as

it's meant to be.

God's song of truth

sings, " Listen now

slow down your life

quiet your thoughts

just stop and be

then you'll hear me."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tao of the Traveler

A lovely, sweet animated creation. Journey with the traveler, the soul, to rejoin Creator. The traveler is you who says, 'Be still and know thyself'.  Created by  Geoff. 


Sunday, September 21, 2008


a poem by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Sunrise Majesty - Photo by Light.    ©2003-2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

No matter what religion

Creator dwells within

and God has never left us

he can't... you see, he is us

and all Creation too.

You say that God made pain

I reply he didn't, he made

emotions, mind and spirit.

It's we who choose the outcome

of how we feel and what we think

our happy, sad or worried

comes from us alone.

How I respond to others

or even to myself

is my responsibility

not God's, not yours nor others

it is mine alone my friend

and yours alone as well.

God called us 'human beings'

he says 'Just be... my children... play'.

But we take that play and twist it

and call each other names

we poke and hit and banter

until we feel the shame.

We hurt ourselves my friend

not God nor other either.

God called us 'human beings'.

we call us 'human doings'

for the being part escapes us

in our daily life of doing.

God's gone missing in existence

from our minds, and words and lives

and we blame God for our suffering

and we blame God for our pain

and we blame God for every other thing

in life that brings us shame.

It is we who have created that

not God nor other either

we put everything outside of self

when it's us that's the creator.

God loves us beyond reason

and allows our will and folly.

For this is how we grow and change

and choose again a different play

a different game, a new response.

It can't remain the same for long

for this is how we grow our soul.

It's through our pain we change

or stay the same and suffer.

So it's a choice to stay the same

as well a choice to change.

God loves us and supports our choice

with majesty and might

he doesn't even mind it much

if we only choose to fight.

For he knows one day we'll get it

and we'll change our haughty ways

and move back again to love and peace

for our eternal days.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Angel Sophi El

The Angel Sophi El © 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

The Angel Sophi El by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Sophi El is from the angelic order of Thrones. She is the Angel of water and of the silver ray. Sophi El works with emotional issues purifying and cleansing them from the energetic/physical system. Call upon her anytime you want additional energy to help rid yourself or another of emotional baggage. Original 9 x 12 pastel drawing was commissioned in 1997.

Giclee prints available at Spirit Art Gallery.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Illuminated Chakras

Beautifully animated and produced. This work of art leads one on a journey of awakening through the chakra and energy system.

The segment shown is the 7th or crown chakra. It it part of a 28 minute video called 'The Illuminated Chakras' produced by Anodea Judith and animated by Alex Wayne. Won best animation at the 2004 New York Independent Film Festival. Spectacular!Hope you enjoy the journey.


Sunday, September 14, 2008


~a poem by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

QuanYinRock-Sedona - photo by Light ©2002-2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Your face is hidden by a book

a picture of the cover.

Which holds inside a group of thoughts

about a time, about a place

but not about the man himself.

Perhaps the surface... not the depth

the fullness, sense or feeling.

There are no words, which can describe

the tactile sense, inside the mind

inside the soul, inside the being.

Inside the fullness of the man

that's who you are indeed.


A face describes itself with life

of all it's seen and all it's done.

It scribes upon it lines of age

sweet misery, sweet joy.

Every hair of snowy white

is honor that is earned in life.

Age is wisdom, color, flavor

experience itself to savor.

Wear it proudly, fly it high

this flag of story, let none deny.


A place in time, describes an age

a youth or man and now a sage.

All slots in time, placeholders only

filled up with life, sweet love or sorrow.

Experienced within a moment

for this is all we have... right now.

Life's never over, until you claim it

be what you want, live it, name it.

It is our clay, modeled with desires

and shaped with every choice.

Choose life my friend, and live it well

with laugher filled and dancing joy.

Alive, awake and in sweet dreams

For life is what we make it.

Will you show your face to me?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Essential Knowing

Essential Knowing by Bonnee Klein Gilligan    ©2008 All rights reserved.

Spectral Light - Trefoil Series by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Peaceful, meditative, Buddhic. Essential Knowing brings one to the inner-self and expresses one's 'True Nature'. Energy impact: calming, contemplative, compassion. Spectral Pastel drawing with computer enhancement. Original 9" x 12" drawing was commissioned.

Giclee prints are available at my Spirit Art Gallery.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gnomes and Fairies

An artistic short, primarily black and white video created by Ted Chambers. Doesn't remind me of gnomes or fairies, feels more like innerspace or transdimensional travel.

Whatever it is, it's very artsy and creative...


Sunday, September 7, 2008


a poem by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Eiffel Tower, Paris - Photo by Light   ©2003-2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Ah Paris 'tis the city of love

a beautiful place indeed.

Enjoy yourself and if you like

have a pastry for me.

A croissant, pasty or a tart

with cream, and fruit, and crust.

Such a delight with every bite

is sinful, and a must.

Have an espresso at a street cafe

and watch the passersby

In thought, or talk, or steadfast walk

so busy with their lives.

Enjoy a walk along the Seine

or boat ride to the Louvre.

With easy access everywhere

you can also ride the Tube.

Enjoy your trip to Paris

have a glass of wine for me.

And over here I'll taste it

on my lips, just wait and see.

I taste a red, hardy and full

it’s peppery and smooth.

Oh no it’s white, a crisp delight

it’s flowery… oh no it’s bright.

Did you have two, or maybe three

I’m so confused it must be me.

I taste a tart, and coffee too

my senses don’t know what to do.

Enjoy your trip to Paris

and I’ll be here with you

Or is it there, I just don’t know

with you I’m split in two.

I don’t know what I’m doing

and I don’t know what I see

All I know that I like you

and you’ll have the best from me.

Enjoy your trip to Paris friend

best wishes, bon voyage

I don’t know how to end this

so I’ll just press the pause…

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Zen Mind - An Introduction

A beautiful video about being, flowing, oneness and now.  The Zen Way. Produced by Jon Braeley and Empty Mind Films. Hope you enjoy the space of peace Zen creates.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moon Walker

Moon Walker  ©1997-2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved. 

Moon Walker is a Shamanic Heart Healer.

Spiritual, Esoteric. Opening, loving, allowing. He has so much compassion that hate dissolves into love. Singer, dancer, healer and spiritual facilitator. Original 9" x 12" pastel drawing was commissioned in 1997.

Giclee prints of my work are available at Spirit Art Gallery.