Thursday, May 15, 2008

What is God?

If one completely immerses self in this human experience... the suffering and the pain of it… everything seems to be outside of self and one can perceive themselves as a victim of.... everything. Even God seem outside of self and is seen as cruel, angry or judgmental.

Everything is a choice, even how we perceive God, how we live, what we feel, what we think... life doesn't have to be full of pain. The word suffering actually means 'undergoing'... we can choose to undergo in pain, or in joy... it is our choice. Change perceptions, change reality... a cliché perhaps... but true. I feel God/Goddess as pure Unconditional Love not something outside of self.

Here is my vision of God/Goddess/Creator:

What is God?

Please... these are only my understandings and perceptions don't take offence to them... they are presented with the utmost love in my heart.
To me God is in everything 'All That Is'... not outside of self... and everywhere all at the same time. God is unconditional love, you and me, the trees, the animals, the earth, the Universe... everything that exists... the state of consciousness of 'Oneness' or 'supreme bliss'. Some concept of God flows through all religions (Dainichi Buddha in Japanese Buddhism, The Void in Taoism, Great Spirit), the greatest being/energy in all the universes... the great compassionate Creator. Neither male nor female... yet both... and neither... great energy, great thought, all Creation (matter) and the Void. God is truly unable to be defined because with our limited vocabulary there simply are not the appropriate words... but God can be felt and seen and heard by those with eyes to see and ears to hear. What does this mean? Those who are beginning to perceive things beyond the physical, beginning to de-limit themselves, or remove the veil somewhat. It is usually presented as sensing/seeing/hearing/smelling subtle energies beyond what the 'normal' person has the ability to do... some would call this 'psychic ability'. In essence these 'psychic gifts' are God given natural abilities that we all have (not special)... most of us have just forgotten that we have them. Reiki with attunement to and usage of, re-awakens this knowledge and ability. This is one reason why it is called a technique of 'enlightenment'. But any 'God' (great spiritual energy) experience can begin this awakening. In Christianity this concept of feeling God comes in the form of being touched by Holy Spirit.

I've seen similar concepts with different words/names across all religions. Some use the concept of various Gods, some various Buddhas/Boddhisattvas, some Angels/Holy Spirit/Saints/etc., some animals, etc... to present God concepts or God qualities... like love, light, compassion, spiritual peace of mind, dedication, strength, wisdom, etc., etc., etc. It still baffles me sometimes that some folks feel the need to fight to the death about their concepts of the 'Real God', when all are saying essentially saying the same kinds of things just with different words, if one reads/listens with their heart and can look beyond the dogma.

I had a conversation with God the other day (please don't crucify me here I am just sharing my experiences from my heart...yours may be different and I honor you for yours) and I asked God several questions. What prompted this was that I had been listening to the Christian radio station (I like feeling God in the music, but often don't resonate to the preaching). Well anyway, a minister came on and was talking about marriage... one man and one woman... talking about God cursing Adam and Eve after picking the apple and casting them out of Eden and other similar things. One of my questions to God was, "was your original intention... one man and one woman"... the answer I got was "Yes, daughter". I continued, "and how do you feel about all that is transpiring today"... God answered, "humanity is very creative, many things have occurred which were unexpected and are beautiful." Then I asked "did you really curse Adam and Eve." God answered, "I would never curse my beautiful creation, I love all unconditionally, for all time." So I asked, if it was humanity who changed the concepts and words. God answered, 'Yes daughter, many of my words and original meanings were changed." I asked, "Why dear God would someone change your loving messages?" God answered, "humanity has free will to play as they choose". I asked God, "How may I honor, serve and glorify you in this moment." God answered, "Just be the Love that you are!" End of questions.

Some folks have personalize or humanize God/Goddess/Creator, some see God as way out there beyond their reach, some see a great energy or thought, or state of consciousness, some don't feel or see anything... and all these experiences are great... there is no right or wrong way of doing anything. The message as I understand it... is that it truly doesn't matter what we choose... it is all just playing after all... and if we wish to get the most from our Earthwalk, then simply be the Love that we already are!!!! How easy is that!

The Bible talks about the end times and all that may transpire... but Jesus never said that God was 'angry'. In my understanding the 'end times' are the end of old ways of being, old ways of reacting, old patterns/habits/traits... taking comfort in one's uncomfortableness. How can this possibly come to an end? By making those things come to the forefront or 'be in one's face' so intensely that a different choice is made. That is what is happening now... many people are being given the opportunity to look intensely at their choices... so that they may make different ones. Not because God is mad or vengeful... rather because God is so unconditionally loving and compassionate that God wants us to move beyond these 'less-then de-light-full' behaviors to ones which are more in Divine alignment... and unconditionally loving.

So what does unconditionally loving mean, really? Loving and accepting ALL... AS IT IS... unconditionally. Having 'NO' reaction!!! One can choose to feel compassion, to take action if it is appropriate... and... not be drawn into the drama which is unfolding. Seeing it for what it is... a play... a drama... an interaction of beings for their learning/growth (or for the learning and growth of all)... or simply because they are, or can, or want to play that particular game. Neither Good nor Bad... just playing in physical form.

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