Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Way 气韵生动

'The Way' CG animated ink drawing by Ching Huang

A beautifully created Taoist style 3D animated drawing.  Takes you from void  through creation examining the changing nature of all that is. Wonderful!

3D animation by Ching Huang, music by: LIU Xing

Ching Huang says, "The animation reflects an ancient Taoist view of the world as a constant changing process or metamorphosis of forms rather than seemingly isolate entities. And the law of changing is rather seemingly chaotic and spontaneous and yet under an elusive deterministic order which somewhat matches the notion of fractal in Chaos theory."

Tao symbol Tao (道, Pinyin Dào ) literally translated 'Way' is a metaphysical concept which describes the fundamental or true nature of the universe, world and all manifest reality. The Tao both precedes and encompasses the universe, it is holistic, active and ever changing. Tao is perfectly still and continuously moving. It cannot be described because there are no adequate words. Tao is perfect Unity. Although the Tao cannot be expressed nor controlled, it can be known and embraced. For further reading see Tao at wikipedia, Great Tao Foundation or for actual books see Sacred Texts - Taoist.


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