Friday, September 26, 2008

God Whispers

a poem by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Warm Pallet photo by Light. © 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All Rights Reserved.

God whispers to you

night and day

in wind and rain

and storms

and sparkling dew

upon the lawn.

God's song of life

sings, "I'm with you

I'm all around

just look and see

for I AM you

and you are me."

God whispers to you

all the time

in thoughts and words

and deeds

of self and others


God's song of love

sings, "I'm with you

and you're with me

I'm everyone

and all you see."

God whispers to you

this moment

in all that is

and all you see

of miracles

and majesty.

God's song of peace

sings "I hear you

and heal your wounds

and fill your heart

just stop and be."

God whispers to you

night and day

through everything

you gaze upon

in happiness

in sorrow too

life's poignant as

it's meant to be.

God's song of truth

sings, " Listen now

slow down your life

quiet your thoughts

just stop and be

then you'll hear me."

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