Sunday, September 21, 2008


a poem by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Sunrise Majesty - Photo by Light.    ©2003-2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

No matter what religion

Creator dwells within

and God has never left us

he can't... you see, he is us

and all Creation too.

You say that God made pain

I reply he didn't, he made

emotions, mind and spirit.

It's we who choose the outcome

of how we feel and what we think

our happy, sad or worried

comes from us alone.

How I respond to others

or even to myself

is my responsibility

not God's, not yours nor others

it is mine alone my friend

and yours alone as well.

God called us 'human beings'

he says 'Just be... my children... play'.

But we take that play and twist it

and call each other names

we poke and hit and banter

until we feel the shame.

We hurt ourselves my friend

not God nor other either.

God called us 'human beings'.

we call us 'human doings'

for the being part escapes us

in our daily life of doing.

God's gone missing in existence

from our minds, and words and lives

and we blame God for our suffering

and we blame God for our pain

and we blame God for every other thing

in life that brings us shame.

It is we who have created that

not God nor other either

we put everything outside of self

when it's us that's the creator.

God loves us beyond reason

and allows our will and folly.

For this is how we grow and change

and choose again a different play

a different game, a new response.

It can't remain the same for long

for this is how we grow our soul.

It's through our pain we change

or stay the same and suffer.

So it's a choice to stay the same

as well a choice to change.

God loves us and supports our choice

with majesty and might

he doesn't even mind it much

if we only choose to fight.

For he knows one day we'll get it

and we'll change our haughty ways

and move back again to love and peace

for our eternal days.

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