Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice Flowers in Arkansas

Ice flowers by Chyenne Morning Star, Edgemont, Arkansas

'Ice Flowers' photo by Chyenne Morning Star

On January 16, 2009  Chyenne went outside her home in Edgemont, Arkansas and was greeted by these lovely ribbons of luminous ice. One is a heart.  Everywhere... reminders of Creator's Love. Mother and Father Creators showering blessings upon us. It is glorious. Thanks so much Chyenne for sharing this wonderful photo with us.

Chyenne says of the image,

Every now and then in the midst of Winter when the ground is of one color and the trees are bare, She, Mother Winter will gift us with little luminous beings of ice called Ice Flowers. And particularly when one is shaped as a heart, it is a message. A message from our Mother, the Earth and our Nature sisters and brothers telling us they love us. When I went out to get wood on this January 16, 2009 morning, I noticed these beautiful beings. I have never seen them before - or in our area. They are called Ice Flowers and only form in perfect conditions. It is rare to see them here. They were scattered over the yard. It is one of those gifts in the middle of Winter that really surprises us with another beautiful life form being. These Ice Flowers are sometimes called Rabbit Frost and are formed when the sap freezes and expands in the stem, causing long thin cracks to form along the stem. The water that is drawn through these cracks freezes immediately upon contact with the air. Thin layers of ice are pushed from the stems,causing the formation of ribbons or 'petals.

The photo was featured on the home page of on January 18. They say of the image:

Scientists have been studying the ice flower phenomenon for almost two hundred years. Botanists, physicists, geologists--all have puzzled over the fragile ribbons of ice that wrap themselves around the stems of some plants during winter. Over time, the following consensus has emerged: Liquid water from deep soil flows up into the stems. Linear cracks in the stems expose the water to freezing air. Water turns to ice, and the ice extrudes from the cracks in thin sheets.

There is also a wonderful video of ice flowers at youtube. So amazing... another wonderful display. Thank you beloved Creator, thank you.


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