Wednesday, December 17, 2008

12/17 Creator's Wheel

Moilanen arc -photo by Steinar Midtskogen

Creator's Wheel photograph by Steinar Midtskogen

Creator's Wheel is my name for the beautiful display of Light in this photo. The scientific name is Moilanen arc, diamond dust ice crystals refract light into a wheel around the sun. Magnificent winter display of Light dancing through Creation. A magical gift, thank you beloved Creator!

Creator's Wheel is seen as a written symbol in many ancient traditions and known by many names. The image of a circle with a cross may be called a sunwheel, solar cross, ring cross, Celtic cross, Nordic cross, Odin's cross, medicine wheel or something other. By what ever name, I believe it was originally inspired by a similar glorious display... a Solar Cross indeed. 

In the American Indian tradition the Medicine Wheel is the wheel of life, it represents harmony and connection. It is a symbol of peaceful interaction between all living beings. When the four directions are in balance all is well with the world.

sunwheelSymbolically the equal armed cross represents the physical realm or Earth. It also represents masculine. The four arms of the cross are sometimes said to represent the elements (earth, air, fire and water) or the directions (north, south, east and west). The circle represents the ethers or Heaven, the moon and feminine. So when drawn together the circle and cross represents the Union of Heaven and Earth or the Divine Marriage. 


Chris-Haws sundog halo and circumzenithal arc 12-15-08 On 12/15/08 Creator gave us another display of a beautiful sun wheel in Faribault, MN. The photo left was taken by Chris Haws.

Chris says... "This was the longest lasting sun halo/sundogs I have ever seen. Started in the early morning and continued until early afternoon. Air temp was down to -8 at one point with wind chills ranging from -20 to -30. I couldn't help myself to stand outside (and from inside) and take in the glory of the sun halo, sundogs and the circumzenithal arc. Cold days like these manage to sneak in a reward here and there."

Thank you beloved Creator so many wonders!


Creator's Wheel is a reminder of the Sacredness of all...  every breath, every word, every step, every feeling, every thought... everything is Sacred.

Happy Holy-day!


Photograph by Steinar Midtskogen Oslo, Norway December 2007. You can learn more about the Moilanen arc at Atmospheric Optics.


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