Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glorious Indicators... we move!

comet lulin by John-Nassr 2-24-09

Glorious Indicators... we move!

Beautiful green comet Lulin is currently located in the night sky between Saturn and Regulus and is moving backwards (never observed in a comet before). Photo taken by astrophotographer John Nassr in the Philippines.

Astrologically... Comets are usually seen as signs of things to come... predictors. On February 23, 2009 Lulin was at its' closest position to earth, on the 24th it made it's first naked eye appearance during New Moon (time for creation) in Pisces (seeing beyond material to other realms). Significance: Lulin is an awakener... moving backward suggests turning within. The timing suggests motivation to awaken, seeking answers beyond tactile senses. Inner creation, beyond material to other realms. As well on the 24th Lulin conjoins Saturn (time and material reality) which is in opposition to Uranus (technological innovation, energy and radical change). Significance: Lulin's alignment suggests an awakening.... reexamining our beliefs about time and material reality and urging radical change. The green color of Lulin suggests healing in areas it impacts. Lulin helps us to collectively recognize our material and energetic impact on all that is... then heal, lessen or eliminate that impact. 'The current green movement?' As well it urges us to look at our beliefs and stretch beyond. Lulin was discovered because of a collaboration between Taiwanese and Chinese astronomers. So it carries the energy of working together. Perhaps it offers a solution to current world crises - heal our differences, turn within for answers and collaborate.


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