Monday, February 2, 2009

Inspired by Light - 2009 Trend Forcast

Inspired by Light photograph  ©Olivia Jordan

'Inspired by Light' photograph by Olivia Jordan

'Inspired by Light' is my name for this amazing photograph. In awe and wonder, outstretched hands hold Light. Grasping sun. Glistening rays circle. Star burst. The Light which illumines...  us. Magnificent reminder Olivia!


Economic Trend forecast for 2009?

A snippet of the prediction by Gerald Celente, Editor and Publisher, The Trends Journal, Rhinebeck, New York:

“In 2007, we predicted the Panic of 2008 and that was mostly in the financial areas. Now we're going to see it in the Collapse of 2009 spread beyond financials throughout society. It's underway. It's happening before our eyes. This is a collapse of monumental proportions. Every day the news is filled with one disaster after another. There's nothing, nothing, they can do to stop this - other than a productive capacity and maybe an alternative energy, something along the lines of the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel! (laughs) But it has to be really monumental. We can't do it by printing money.... you can read the full article at: or see Celente's website Trends Research.

My thoughts...

There certainly is much fear in Celente's prediction. I read the 2008 trend forecast in January 2007. At that time he said based on the financial trends he saw, there would be an Economic 911 and it would start with one really big bank failure and go from there. He was right! In other years he predicted a boom and upsurge... he was in all the media from NBC News to The Wall Street Journal with that prediction. He was right then too. No one really wants to hear bad news.

I think his 2009 prediction is right on based on how it feels right now. There's a boiling undercurrent of frustration and disbelief, moving toward explosive anger. There is massive change in the wind. A revolution of sorts. And it's not about money... none of it ultimately is about the green stuff. The outcome will ultimately be based on what we want... everything is consciousness. So just like we turned the prophesy about Y2K around by shifting our consciousness... we can shift this too.

One very big factor which hasn't been taken into account in all of this is our Divinity and the power of thought and feeling. We are not helpless victims, nor are we the same peoples we were before the Great Depression. We have grown Spiritually... if you doubt that just look to the movie industry for some examples... we've got Spiritual Cinema Circle, The Secret, Celestine Prophesy, Conversations with God and so many more uplifting mind/spirit altering 'Creator films'. Today we are also more telepathic and more of us clearly see that which is untrue or trying to be hidden.

This is a global restructuring effecting all life. The questions arise...  do we want to shift? Do we believe we can? What do we want as an outcome? Which path do we WANT to take? What are appropriate actions? What is the highest good for All That Is? Nothing is ever written in stone. Perhaps this is our next collective test or assignment. We are all Masters... either of Divine Expression or Limitation... acting with Love or reacting from Fear. We hold the answers in our hearts and hands... inspired by Light. What do you choose?