Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dance of Sarasvati - Kitaro live in concert

Kitaro is an inspired musician, he plays for spirit. Here he is live, playing his song Dance of Sarasvati; album Mandala (released 1994, Nominated for Grammy Award).

sarasvati Sarasvati (pronounced as sə.rəs.ʋə.ti) is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music and the arts and the consort of Brahma. Sarasvati literally translated means: the knowledge of self or the essential part of self. sara = the essential part, knowledge, energy, motion, strength or power; sva = one's own (self); ti = for, after. One says or sings the Sarasvati Mantra for higher knowledge and wisdom, and to come to the understanding of true, essential self. Kitaro sings, 'Om namo Sarasvati'.

I first heard of Kitaro in 1989 when I lived in Kauai, Hawaii. Bought every album I could find I loved his music so much. Enjoy Kitaro and Dance of Sarasvati!


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