Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JeShUa…ThE… mIsSiNg…YeArS…

Jeshua the missing Years - painting by Akiane  Kramarik. © Copyright 2000-2008 Akiane Kramarik

'Jeshua the missing years'  by Akiane Kramarik - Acrylic on canvas 48" x 60"

akaine_love This spectacular, inspired and powerful painting of Jesus was done in 2004 by Akiane when she was 10 years old. She is an amazing artist and poet; a messenger who paints and writes for God. Spirit moves through her, I get chills when I hear her talk.  I first saw Akiane and her works in the documentary, 'The Indigo Revolution' by Emissary Productions.

Akiane has been selected as 1 of 20 most accomplished visual artists in the world by Tribute Entertainment (London) and ABI (United States).

Akiane says about 'Jeshua the missing years'...

At 14, during one of his meditations, Jesus is talking with his father in heaven about the new earth, where only joy and peace would reign. In the background the galactic hand is reaching out for love and truth…

You can see more of Akiane's amazing works of art and poetry at: www.artakiane.com.


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