Friday, October 3, 2008

the dove

~a poem by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Lovers Rock Sedona, AZ  photo by Light. © 2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All Rights Reserved.

Yes dear friend we all get hurt

and others they can stir up dirt.

In love or out it matters not

for human love is not what's sot.

We look here and we look there

and try to find love everywhere.

But what we find is half at best

and breaks our hearts, perhaps the rest.

It's not the love we're seeking friend

it's half at best and in the end

We remember what we've lost

at such a great emotional cost.

It's God's love, not the human kind

that fills us with a gift Divine.

And when two in this space of love

find each other, they find the Dove

This is the gift, these are the plans

this is what our God demands.

To love like God, with heart and Soul

and open up... let go control.

Connect with body, soul and mind

into a place of Love not blind.

but wholly seeing, holy knowing

this is the seed that God is sowing.

To love each other like God loves us

and this my friend takes perfect Trust.

It takes letting go ways of thinking

that hem us in and keep us sinking.

And letting go of future and past

for these are false and do not last.

Now is all we have to love in

so open gentle heart... begin.

Love opens us to possibilities

and tears down all of our hostilities.

It heals all wounds, and mends all harm

so let go the past, let go alarm.

Open up to life and love

and live again, fly like the dove.

Open to God’s Divine Plan

live in Love and hand in hand

Heart to heart and soul to soul

watch the Divine gifts unfold.

Beautiful is life with of love

it is the magic of the Dove.

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