Friday, October 10, 2008

Mother of the World

Mother of the World by Nicholas Roeich

Mother of the World (1928) by Nicholas Roerich - Oil on tempera, mounted on cardboard. 98cm x 65.4cm

This beautiful painting touches my heart and soul. I feel the innocence, peace, wisdom and power of the Great Mother.

Nicholas Roerich says of The Great Mother...

"...To you, Mother, is dedicated the site on the Great White Mountain, which has never been surmounted. Because when the hour of extreme need strikes, there you will stand, and you will lift up your Hand for the salvation of the world. And encircled by all whirl-winds and all light, you will stand like a pillar of space, summoning all the forces of the far-off worlds

Throughout the entire East and in the entire West there lives the Image of the Mother of the World, and deeply significant salutations are dedicated to this High Entity.

The Great Features of the Face are often covered and under the folds of this veil, glowing with the squares of perfection, may one not see the One Great Unifying Aspect, common to Them All!

Peace be to the World!"

Nicholas Roerich Nicholas Roerich (1874–1947) — ). Russian scholar, mystic, painter, and designer. He cofounded the Agni Yoga Society with his wife Helena, a channel of El Morya. Master Morya's heartfelt messages became the foundation of Agni Yoga. The messages from El Morya are available at

Roerich believed that peace on Earth was necessary for planetary  survival and continuing Banner of Peacespiritual evolution. He encouraged humanity to achieve peace through Beauty and Knowledge. In 1933 he created the Banner of Peace shown right and The Roerich Pact which was signed into law by President Roosevelt.

Roerich's beautiful paintings can be viewed at Nicholas Roerich Museum. Prints can be purchased at


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